Visit Govan Old Church and discover the unique collection of early medieval stones carved in the 9th – 11th centuries to commemorate the power of those who ruled the Kingdom of Strathclyde.

Explore the 31 monuments dating from this period which include beautifully carved crosses and cross shafts, and 5 magnificent hogback stones. Enjoy the intricate interlace carving and warrior figures on the collection’s outstanding piece – the Govan Sarcophagus, the only one of its kind carved from solid stone from pre-Norman, northern Britain.

  • Download a pdf copy of the Govan Stones Trail here >>


2013 saw the completion of a redisplay project which brought significant improvements to the display and interpretation of this notable collection, which is one of the largest and most valued of its kind in Scotland.

The redisplay project had a series of goals. It aimed to:

  • present the collection in an attractive and accessible way
  • widen knowledge and enjoyment of this heritage
  • engage, educate and entertain a wide audience of local, national and international visitors
  • serve as a pilot for a more ambitious redisplay as part of a larger initiative to create a dynamic cultural and spiritual centre in Govan
  • determine the level and nature of potential interest in the proposed larger initiative
  • gather information about how the site may best operate in the future

The Govan Redisplay Project links Govan Old Church with experts at Glasgow’s Northlight Heritage, part of the York Archaeological Trust group of archaeological units and attractions.

Like Govan, the city of York is rich in Viking-era stonework, and even has grave slabs that closely resemble those to be found in Govan Old Church. The connections between the two sites are evidence for a shared Viking heritage, which also links Govan with other centres of Viking power within the UK and Ireland, and with remote trading posts even further afield.

All of the archaeological information gathered during the Viking Dig was used to create JORVIK on the site of the excavation: since opening in 1984, JORVIK has welcomed 17 million visitors. For more information, visit

Jordanhill Cross